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A post-World AIDS Day Linkpost: Go Forth And Read

2011 December 2

So, you’ve read HIV Aware, you’ve mythbusted with us (and thank you, by the way, everyone who linked and RT’d that post on Twitter and elsewhere)… what now?

Image of a giant red AIDS awareness ribbon made by scattering many individual little ribbons on a white sheet in the looped shape of a ribbon. Image by Flickr user lusciousblopster, shared under Creative Commons licenceWhat about stigma? As we tweeted yesterday, Act Aware isn’t, and should never be, about judging and othering people who are living with HIV. It should never be about erasure.

Unfortunately for all of us, the majority of mainstream media approaches to HIV issues in the UK are either woefully ill-informed, groaning under the weight of crappily pieced-together assumptions, often even kind of creepily bigoted, or just plain fifteen years out of date. Even with NAT’s helpful press guide freely available. Hooray.

But here’s a thing: if you’re reading this, you’re in luck. For lo, the internet is as full of glory as it is full of shit. And with very little effort on your part it basically becomes your own PERSONAL BULLSHIT ESCAPE TUNNEL. And we’re about to make it even easier.

So here are some World AIDS Day links you might or might not have seen before, which we’ve been reading at BadRep Towers. Beyond Acting Aware and reading myths and facts, are real people. So go and read about them. Make it so!

So, hey. You have all this stuff at your fingertips! Connect. Discover. Find stuff out. What’s the point of being on a feminist pop culture adventure if you don’t, you know, go forth and read? Exactly.

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