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black and white photo of BadRep banner

We've got a banner and everything. That makes it official.

Imagine this page is some sort of shining, awesome, ancient looking scroll. We’re on a search to find more members of Team BadRep. If you think you might like to join our happy band of gender adventurers, please read this and check this is a quest you wish to embark on by answering us these questions five:

Can you:

    • Commit to writing at least two posts a month?
    • Stick to a word count (roughly 1,250 words per post)1?
    • Set yourself a deadline and stick to it?
    • Send us some examples of other bloggin’ you’ve done?
    • Already use or happily learn to use WordPress?


If so, CONGRATULATIONS! You have passed the first crucial tests. Have some healing potion, a dagger and a ruby.

But wait, adventurer! There’s more!

Next, we’d like you to tell us a bit about your feminism, what you most enjoy writing about, and why you’d like to join the good ship Bad Reputation. We suggest using EMAIL to to do this. Please include some links to examples of other blog posts you’ve written too!

If it looks like your writing is a good fit for what we’re trying to do, we might well be in touch.

ALSO: It can take us a little while to answer emails – Real Life happens to us, too! – so your patience is mahoosively appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. This isn’t ironclad, but we prefer to keep it under 1,600 or split it into parts. []
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