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That Friday Linkpost

2011 August 19
  • Sarah Dobbs over on Den of Geek takes a look back at Ghost World, ten years on. And some of us feel a bit old.
  • Fun, bouncy column looking at female characters and “female-positive” titles in comics: She Has No Head!
  • Our mate Libby over on children’s lit blog Treasury Islands finds a book aimed at four to eight year olds. It’s called “Maggie Goes On A Diet”. What really made us furrow the collective brow, though, was the cover illustration, which clearly anchors ‘making sure your appearance conforms’ and ‘looking good in a pink dress’ as the main motivators lil’ Maggie should have for said diet. Come on. Four to eight year olds. Seriously. And what the hell was wrong with MAGGIE SAVES THE ALBATROSS FROM EXTINCTION or MAGGIE’S FIRST FLYING LESSON, anyway? Diet, schmiet. When our ed was eight her main priority was “how to meet SuperTed”. Not “scrutinising the calorie count in the Angel Delight in case SuperTed has a frankly unsolicited opinion on that shit”.
  • Dad sews Wonder Woman costume for girl invited to a party where boys were asked to dress as superheroes while girls had to be princesses. BOOM! What an awesome dad.
  • Here’s a video from Indian publishing house Tara Books, who we’ve frothed over before – the artist behind Sita’s Ramayana “sings her scroll” – The Patua is a form of narrative graphic art, comprising a series of panels, stitched together to form a scroll. It belongs to a nomadic performance tradition when song-writer and artist went from home to home, showing pictures ad singing out their stories. Traditional stories and local news were part of their repertoire. Now contemporary artists also look to events reported in the mass media, especially drawn to news that is dramatic and emotionally charged. Very excited for the book to arrive in 2012…
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