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Coming soon to the BR Towers shop page: Movie Adventure postcard art and more

2011 April 12

Check it out, another post from me. I ran a few short, sexy opening paragraphs through my head for this, like “You’ve all heard of SPRING CLEANING, well! It’s spring! And thus I am CLEANING MY ENTIRE FACE”, or “INTERNET. I am your pen-wielding LORD AND MASTER. It is TIME FOR MY SUPPLICATION.”

But all of them sounded …well, like that. So imagine I’ve written a far sexier, funnier, less isolatingly-esoteric opening paragraph, and we’ll run with it.

illustration which appeared in Markgraf's review of True Grit for this site, showing a woman riding a raptor


As you all know by now, I’m a transgender man. As you may not know, I’m doing a medical transition on the good old NHS. Another thing you won’t know is that for (disgusting, enraging) reasons I won’t go into here, my beloved NHS are yanking me about something heartbreakingly chronic as regards my embarkation on hormone therapy.

With this development in mind, I’m going to see Dr. Curtis of Transhealth instead, with the hope that he can cajole my own GP into prescribing me MAGICAL MAN JUICES.

But this requires money. Of course it does. So! To that end, I’m going to start selling some art (a selection of which will be right here on BadRep) for your personal delectation. And that’s not all! Ohhh, no. Let it be known I’m not a guy who does things by halves. Halves are for the weak, and I, dear reader, have the strength of SIXTEEN WEREWOLVES MADE OUT OF NUCLEAR SUBMARINES. Figuratively speaking. I was rubbish at P.E. at school. This is purely figurative strength.

Er, yes. The other non-BadRep related things I’m selling are limited edition art prints (running to an stupidly restricted run of one copy each due to costs) of my own work one of my own websites.1

The relevant link, if you’d like to spend an extortionate amount of money on a single-edition print of some filthy gorgeous pin-up art, is right the hell here. They are vastly more expensive than the things I’ll be selling here on BadRep – but they’re one each, and that’s all there will ever be.

Illustration from Markgraf's review of Season of the Witch. Two knights are upset, for they have killed a LADY.


Right here on the good ship BadRep, however, I’m going to be selling wee postcard prints of your favourite film review cartoons and amusing stickers with which you can dazzle and confuse your friends and enemies! And if you’re especially good, I’ll sell off the original pen drawings of the comics, too, for I am a generous god, and have far too much original artwork in my house. Also, it’s on the back of the bulk condom packaging I steal from work. It’s like upcycling! Only with more …sneaky sexual health awareness? I have no idea.

Watch this space for inadvisable BadRep merch like a hawk with nineteen eyes that never sleeps. And then you can rest assured that your money has helped fund some totally inadvisable facial hair.

(Psst: The link I mentioned earlier takes you to my sketchblog. If you want to look at my hip, swanky portfolio, that’s right here.)

  1. You heard that right. My real website. Where I really live. With my real actual name. This totally feels like relinquishing my superhero identity. BUT HOW WILL I NOW FIGHT CRIME []
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