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[Gamer Diary] – What I’ve Been Playing… April 2012

2012 May 9

Short answer? Not a lot. I find myself in the post-epic lull that tends to happen to me after I’ve powered through a great big game all the way through – I end up just being a bit frazzled. This has lasted longer than usual, possibly because I find myself in the odd position of having actually read a book. That sounds much more self-condescending that it ought to: what I mean is that I am terrible at finishing books – there’s a good 10-20 half-read titles populating the shelves here. This month however, I got through a whole one, from start to finish, but this may just have something to do with my new job (in a library).

Why am I babbling about books? Because I’m trying to explain, as best I can, why I haven’t done much gaming this month. Or, at least, not much that I can bring new content to you with. There was some more Kinect – my parents are better at the bowling game than I am – and some other little bits and pieces like a quick foray onto Team Fortress 2 to craft weapons and hats.

So, my apologies for the brevity of this post! What I did play was Portal 2, on the ‘Play Day’ that marked the one year anniversary of its release. I thought it’d be a good thing to write about, so I did a Google and it turned out we (BadRep) are the second result when you search for “Portal 2 feminist”.

A screen shot of a Google search results for term "Portal 2 feminist" and a link to a Bad Reputation article as the second in the list.

Look! There we are! Second in the results!

I also had a gander at that top link and presented my counter-argument over on my own blog here, which some of you who follow us on Twitter might have already seen.

I didn’t want to simply regurgitate what I’ve already written elsewhere all over BR, which is why this is such a short post, but if I may, I’ll show you what I’m excited for in the upcoming Gaming Future.

Later on, there’s also Borderlands 2 which I’m looking forward to, and Crysis 3 but I have to finish Crysis 2 first – oops! I’ll also endeavour to play something a bit less, er… shooty and more casual, for those of you out there who don’t really do the FPS thing. Hopefully I’ll get some new tech over the summer to help on that front.

I’ll also be writing up some interesting posts about humour and gender in games, and I might do some ‘case study’ style posts on some of the prominent female characters out there. I’ll do my best to bring you more exciting tales next month!

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