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An Announcement: Schedule Changes and an Invite to Write…

2012 April 3

Hey everybody! I come bearing a Rare Personal Update which is also an editorial announcement.

Red block capitals square logo reading BAD REP on a white background. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that BadRep Towers generally posts updates every day of the working week.

This can be a lot of work, and lately Real Life has… gotten very real? There’s been an unexpected bereavement, a house move, and family members who for various reasons have needed caring for, and I’m also about to go on an evening course which will be pretty intensive. And then there’s my paid job, public sector, full time. So I’m a bit knackered at the moment. Busy is an understatement.

Several of the team are also, bless them, bloody busy. Therefore, for now BadRep will be updated only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Join the good ship BadRep

However! I’d like this to be a temporary move, ideally! We’ve had some lovely feedback in the last few months and we don’t want to stop now! Help us steer the HMS BadRep into new territory.

We’re looking to get more pop culture adventurers on board. We are sticklers for exciting, often-quirkily-original, well-written stuff, and for inclusive feminisms which take account of the variety of identities contained on our existing team (and more besides). We aim to be bouncy and accessible and occasionally irreverent – but we want to make your brain tick, not start a fight.

Here’s how you can be part of the adventure:

  • Pitch us a guest article! Send a paragraph to [email protected]describing what you’d like to write about, and a little bit about you (and if you have one, a link to your own site so we can plug it for you).
  • Or if you’d like to join our band of adventurers long-term, send an email to the same address telling us a little bit about you, your feminism, and why you’d like to join us. Include some examples of your writing, too. We’re looking for a commitment of two posts a month, ideally. If it looks like your writing is a good fit for what we’re trying to do, we might well be in touch.
  • More information is on this page here – please do read and share!

PROTIP: Because of the Real Life outlined above, it sometimes takes me a while to answer emails to [email protected] Your patience is mahoosively appreciated.

Also? Thank YOU.

We’re hoping with your help that we’ll come back bigger and better than ever, but in the meantime thank you for reading and sharing what you read, and for all your comments and support!

Miranda and the rest of Team BR

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  1. Becky Shepherd permalink
    April 3, 2012

    You’re all doing a great job. Well done and good luck in your non Bad Rep ventures x

    • Miranda permalink*
      April 4, 2012

      Ah, cheers m’dear! The encouraging noises are super appreciated, seriously. x

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