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A tie-in Linkpost

2011 September 9

This linkpost closes week one of our blogfest on women and protest. We’re only part way through, though – there’s more next week (and if you’d like to join in, there’s still time – drop us an email on [email protected]).

I should take the opportunity to say that we originally applied the “Revolting Women” title in a moment of Pythonesque humour at a point when we were thinking more of protests of past centuries. But it seemed disingenuous to only post about firmly historical examples; surely we should also be connecting the dots forward to events of the present. With this in mind, I hope the “revolting” tag isn’t in poor taste here – irreverence aside, protest can be dangerous, and never arises when there’s genuinely much to laugh about at the heart of the matter. So the links below are about campaigns and lobbies happening right now, which you can get involved with yourself.

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