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2011 September 2

Hey everybody! TFI Friday, as usual. Have some links.

  • Jenni, Rhian and I just got back from a great evening in Vauxhall – we went to see queer feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time, so they’re our first link. Dazzlingly articulate and laugh-out-loud, they’re a bit of a must-see. Sally Outen was barnstorming. Go and see them. You will not regret it.
  • Raina Lipsitz in a compelling piece for The Atlantic – “Thelma and Louise: The last great film about women”. Whatever your stance on T&L (and Team BadRep is roughly split squarely down the middle on it, I think!), whither progress since 1992? is still a very damn pertinent question.
  • Geek Feminism has a thoughtful article on ‘geek girls’, objectification, and comic-con dynamics.
  • Awkward Black Girl is an excellent web series produced by film maker, actor and writer Issa Rae. It’s made enough of a splash on Kickstarter for more eps to be made: woo! (You can read Issa’s piece on that here.) Should you need persuading further, here is how we heard about it: Lori on Feministing telling you more about it.
  • Finally, a daydream with a point from Stavvers. Read it! It’s beautifully written, and contains a swearing, time-travelling Mary Wollstonecraft. Who, yes, is absolutely still hugely bloody relevant. If you look up there to the top right of your screen, you’ll see her words are a permanent fixture on our site design. Damn straight.
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  1. September 23, 2011

    I love Mary too! And my blog is open to your comments: A Vindication of the Rights of Mary Would you like to come on a pilgrimage around London, from her birthplace in Spitalfields to her gravestone in St Pancras, via those life-changing years in Newington Green?

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