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Found Feminism: “The Girls on Film” – famous scenes remade…

2011 February 1

So, there’s a group of camera happy people who remake famous film scenes recasting the parts for women. I’ve linked to the sequence from Fight Club, partly because it’s one of my favourite films and partly because I think that Chuck Palahniuk is a bit of an unsung feminist, with a lot of interesting things to say about gender.

More here:

What I like about the Girls on Film project is that it shows us how thoughts expressed by characters in fiction are in fact deeply coloured by our perceptions of gender – such as the idea of being unable to know yourself without having first been in a fight. In the original piece, which is very much an anthem to anxieties over modern male identity, we take it as read that it is through fighting that men can come to know themselves. This recasting expresses those same anxieties as something we all share and need to deal with, regardless of our ostensible gender roles.

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