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Without warning, some Midweek Links appeared

2010 November 3
  • It’s the Twelfth Annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20th November. There’s an event in Brighton on Sunday 21st November.  Read more about events around the world, and what the day itself is all about, here. In brief, it’s an event to remember everyone who has died this year as a result of widespread prejudice against genderqueer and transpeople.  The list is deeply saddening. Some of the BR team will be going to the Brighton event, and hopefully there will be lots of people there.
  • Gabby Schulz: comic on sexism and online etiquette. (Invoked debate to the tune of 666 comments!)
  • It would be churlish at this point not to link to Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant, which if you haven’t checked out before, you should.  You may well be aware of it already, but it bears repeating, because when I first discovered it, I cheered at my monitor screen with the kind of excitement I’d not exhibited since about 1994 when Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories were my favourite buys at the school Book Fair. Contains Susan B Anthony, Wonder Woman, Tesla, mermaids, and the Brides of Dracula supporting universal suffrage.
  • Don’t Interrupt – Lizzie B blogs “work, politics, the media and being a woman.  So just about everything, except, of course, the kitchen sink”. Nice.
  • This blog was featured recently in Marie Claire magazine, no less, and frankly, you can’t knock their taste on this one bit: Rhian Jones on Velvet Coalmine blogs music and politics.
  • Here’re some blogs aiming to engage male readers with gender issues and/or feminism: What Men Dare Do, Feminist Allies, and The Good Men Project.
  • Hyperbole And A Half joins the pressing debate for the alpha dude on How To Make Showering Awesome Again. Well, have YOU ever seen a coconut burst into flames from sheer excellence?

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