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I never knew about International Women’s Day *shamefaced* until very recently, so don’t have the background to mourne it’s absence. I grew up with Mother’s Day and always enjoyed that as a child. It was a big thing back home with similar sorts of events, school activities and fetes etc. It was also generally extended to include All Female Relatives Who Have Ever Looked After Me Ever so I made a *lot* of Mother’s Day cards. I love the history of it and that it was an important holiday in the calendar of female workers (daughters who were maids of all work would have the day off to go and visit their mothers) so it was about the mother/daughter bond.

And also making Simnel Cake ( and I generally approve of all food-related high days and holidays.

I think this post beautifully illustrates how our celebrations are culturally specific, and mean different things across the world and to different people. I know I would be deeply upset if Mother’s Day was replaced.

Having considered the options I HAVE A SOLUTION!

We should have massive celebrations for International Women’s Day AND Mother’s Day.